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I'm a student with a Computer Science major and Web Development and Applications minor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU, graduating in Spring 2024. I’ve been involved in data analysis, automation, IT, and web development through personal projects by using technologies such as MERN, Java, Python, and Javascript.



A Flask app built to give users recipes based on ingredient and dietary preferences.

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Tops and Tracks

A Javascript based web application that functions as an audio visualizer of a thirty second preview of a song of your choice. It utilizes the Spotify API to fetch queries, album art, and audio metadata.

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Caption Generator

A Javascript based web application that involves web scraping (using BeautifulSoup) from movie quotes and lyrics websites. With that data, a diverse set of captions to use are generated. One can select and save the captions for future use by making an account.


Expense Tracker

A simple React based web application that allows users to track their expenses for a month or year. It also visualizes that information with a chart that beautifully displays a user's expenses.



This template was originally made by Phillip Isola and Richard Zhang for a colorful ECCV project; the code can be found here.